Top Selling Watch Brands and the Reason They Are Popular?

You probably have seen more people wearing watches at work, at gatherings, and events than you have in the past several years. And you may wonder what the top selling watch brands and the reason they are popular today. The answer is rather simple in terms of when the trend started. However, why they continue to sell and gain traction in terms of a trend can be traced to the brands.

Watches have been a popular accessory for quite some time. However, wrist watches started falling out of favor with younger people as cellphones and smartphones became more popular. But trends have changed and now watches have made a comeback.

Why Watches are More Popular Today?

The trend in wearing watches today can be traced back to the pandemic. The exact reasons why they started to become more popular are not clear, but there is no doubt that when people started coming out of their homes in 2021, that they were wearing more watches. Some of the reasons why may include the following.

Accessible: One interesting trend is the movement towards unisex watches. This makes for more accessible styling combined with sizes that fit the needs of those who wear watches. This unisex trend bodes well for the watch industry as more younger people start to wear watches.
However, there is still a demand for watches that denote either a masculine or feminine appeal. For example, watches that have shades of green, purple, or gray sell better with male customers. So, there is still a demand for watches that appeal to a particular sex.

Classy: There is an old-school style to watches that creates a classier, more modest appearance. The slim proportions, elegant designs, and reserved nature makes luxury wristwatches a must for celebrities and everyone else.

Precious Stones & Metals: Watches that feature gold and jewelry have become more in-demand. They are part of the classy movement in watches, but their inclusion of precious stones such as diamonds and metals like gold or silver make them stand apart.

Of course, it is the brands that are helping to make the watches popular again. While all watch brands are making efforts in this regard, there are a few that stand out.

Top Selling Brands

There are several top selling watch brands, some have been around for several decades and longer. Just a few of the best are the following brands.

  • Bulova
  • Invicta
  • Ressence
  • Seiko
  • Studio
  • Orient
  • Puma Watches

  • Some of the watches listed may be familiar while others may not. What is true is that each brand listed has its own set of advantages which makes it desired in the marketplace.

    Brands like Puma for example are more associated with sportswear, but they also offer high quality watches that fit a certain athletic niche. While more established watch brands such as Bulova and Invicta are geared towards more stylish settings, such as attending important events.

    Identifying the top selling watch brands and the reason they are popular will help you make the best-informed decision about which one to choose.

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